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Let’s Get Racing!

Chicken Derby is a fun and exciting game where you can own and race your chicken to earn ETH.

Brought to you by the makers of Ganja Farmer.

Buy a Chicken

There are 33,333 chickens available on the Ethereum blockchain. Each chicken is an NFT (Non-fungible token) with unique stats that you will own. 

Race your chicken

With just one chicken, you can enter and compete in races that you can watch unfold live.

Earn ETH

Earn ETH from racing your chickens. Sell your chickens to other owners for a profit. Or breed your best racers to create the strongest offspring.

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Buy a chicken 🍀

Each chicken costs just 0.033 ETH. You will be given a random chicken from our pool of 33,333. Will you get a top-tier runner?

Our roadmap

Phase 1 – Egg 🥚

Launch of private beta for early adopters only.

10% funding goal

Phase 2 – Hatching 🐣

Open beta to allow more races. Launch of our private auction system to help users buy and sell chickens. Breeding implemented.

25% funding goal

Phase 3 – Chick 🐤

Chicken talents implemented. Each chicken has a special talent they can use during a race to help them win and make viewing more exciting.

50% funding goal

Phase 4 – Chicken 🐔

Additional race events to keep things exciting implemented. Customization implemented, allowing you to style your chicken how you like.

75% funding goal

Phase 5 – Rooster 🐓🚀

Fully funded. We fire up the marketing machine, increase the race pool to allow for more races, add additional customization options and airdrop our exclusive token.

100% funding goal

About the team

Bitlovin has been brought to you by the team of Final Boss Games. We are well known for the game Ganja Farmer with over 7 million downloads and our decade of experience in gaming. Our aim is to create blockchain-enabled ventures that are used by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years, and remembered forever.

Our vision

We believe in a future where players become “stakeholders”, which means that they become owners of its game economy and earn part of the profits generated by the growth of the community. And we are excited to be part of this historical moment.

Join our community

Jump in the trenches with us and join our community on Discord and Twitter. Here we share insights, ideas and allow users to help us craft the project.

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