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What is the Chicken Derby?

The Chicken Derby is an NFT-based racing game where players compete with each other with their digital chickens over thrilling and breathtaking races, built on Ethereum. Each chicken has its own DNA and heritage. There are 33,000 chickens that live on the blockchain. So as the game grows, the chickens become more valuable.

Ahead of every race, each participating player will place bets on their chicken. When the race starts, you watch as the race unfolds and the winner crosses the line.

Gameplay preview

What makes the Chicken Derby the next best thing?

Racing and breeding

With just one chicken, you can compete for real prices and profit from breeding. 

Supported by developers

The gameplay is being developed in collaboration with the makers of Ganja Farmer.

A store of value

All of the chickens are ownable as non-fungible blockchain tokens. They’re sellable, tradable, playable, limited, and a store value.

Fair distribution.

A random mechanism allocates the chickens according to a random sequence, ensuring fair distribution to all applicants.

Part of a growing community

Chicken owners will receive an airdrop of our Blazer token that powers the growing Bitlovin Blazers metaverse. And will get additional benefits for our ventures.

Built on Ethereum

Each Chicken is unique and generated from different traits. It’s stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Buy a chicken

There are 33,000 chickens for sale. With just one chicken, you can earn a profit from racing and breeding.
The purchase price for one chicken is 0.033 ETH.

* After the initial chicken sale, you can purchase a chicken from other players at whatever price you are able to negotiate.
* Receive free tokens and gain exclusive benefits inside our growing ecosystem.

Our Roadmap

About the team

Bitlovin has been brought to you by the team of FBG Studio who have created a lot of interesting stuff, including paper planes and cookie castles. But we are most well known for the game Ganja Farmer with 7 million downloads and our decade of experience in gaming.

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