The Chicken Derby NFT Sale

Our aim is to create blockchain-enabled ventures that are used by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years, and remembered forever.

Pre-seed phase

Price of 0.0000043 ETH for 1 Blazer token.

After the pre-seed round price will increase to 0.0000086 ETH per token.

Our ventures

Barnyard Derby

World’s first NFT Chicken racing game, built on Ethereum. Place real bets and compete with your chicken. Join the NFT chicken sale!

Crypto Blazers

Crypto Blazers is an Ethereum-based farm where players can grow digital weed, produce spacecakes, create weed-infused products, and built the dopest empire on the blockchain.

What is Bitlovin?

Bitlovin is an innovative crypto gaming company that aims to combine the fun and experience of gaming with the world of crypto, in a meta world with digital products. Inside Bitlovin’s world, users become “stakeholders”, which means that they not only play a game but also become owners of its game economy and earn part of the profits generated by the growth of the Bitlovin community. 

What makes the Blazer token the next big thing?

Blockchain-based project

We’re building an inclusive future that empowers people around the world as we move to new digital frontiers.

Being an outlier

We believe in developing a funny, odd, ironic meta world where all citizens are welcome. And we have an absolute focus on new concepts that are truly unique among all offerings.

Players own their games

By tokenizing the in-game assets and building the foundation on the principles of blockchain technology we transition players from being consumers to becoming stakeholders of the ecosystem. This way all your time and money spent are being stored as value.

Supported by gamers

Our citizens are able to use the tokens across the whole ecosystem. Just like Facebook did in the early days where they only allowed students. We will only allow the token holders to use our meta world and games. Once inside they will be able to mint their own in-game items and sell them to allow more players in.

Join the token sale

Become a Bitlovin Token investor and join the launchpad token sale. You can purchase Bitlovin Token using Ethereum with Metamask or by doing a direct transfer from My Ether Wallet. The Bitlovin Tokens will be credited to your Ethereum Wallet.

Buy the Blazer Token directly with MetaMask.

Token distribution

Coming soon

Our roadmap

Coming soon

About the team

Bitlovin has been brought to you by the team of FBG Studio who have created a lot of interesting stuff, including toilet paper roll planes, brownies, and cookie castles. But we are most well known for the game Ganja Farmer and our decade of experience in gaming.

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7 million downloads!

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 Email: hello@bitlovin.com
Nijmegen Office: Kerkenbos 1097e, 6546 BB Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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