Upcoming blockchain projects

The Chicken Derby

An Ethereum-based game where players place bets and race against each other with their digital chicken NFTs. Join our launchpad.

Our ERC-20 Token

We will power the Bitlovin ecosystem with a central ERC-20 utility token and early NFT buyers will receive an airdrop of this token. (Coming soon)

Crypto Blazers

Build your digital identity and friends, explore locations, play games, grow weed, lay back and earn crypto.

Current ventures

Ganja Farmer

A weed-farming game that passed over 7 million players since launch and 100 thousand 5 star ratings. Available on Google Play and Apple App store.

About Bitlovin

Our aim is to create blockchain-enabled ventures and platforms that are used by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years, and remembered forever.

Some of our core principles:

We believe in a funny, odd, ironic meta world where all citizens are welcome.
Strong focus on absolutely new concepts, truly unique among all offerings.
Our community should be able to grow and profit together.
Our citizens are able to use the tokens across the whole ecosystem.

About the team

Bitlovin is led by Dmitry Tryndyk the founder, entrepreneur, and executive of the highly successful pop culture hit Ganja Farmer. Dmitry first got hands-on with virtual worlds in 2008, with his first game development project called Splonk.

The Bitlovin platform is being developed in collaboration with FBG Studio, the first company to launch a weed-growing game on the Google and Apple app stores back in 2014. The team consists of 9 people and has developed over 20+ games, platforms, infrastructure projects and understands game design, development, quality control, distribution, and rapid deployment. We are a group of developers who believe in decentralized autonomous organizations.


Chicken Derby launches the first gameplay teaser showing the core gameplay.

Bitlovin launches its first block-chain game Chicken Derby and welcomes its first seed investors.


How blockchain-enabled games are going to birth a completely new industry and create new jobs.